We all have plumbing problems at least once a year; pretty banal for us. Interestingly, most people don’t call over professional plumbers to deal with the problem and choose to fix it themselves. While, usually this isn’t that big a problem, sometimes the plumbing issue can be graver than it seems and trying to fix it yourself can do more harm than good. Thus, sometimes we must avail professional plumbing services, but which one should you choose? Which service will solve your problem without burning a hole in your sprocket? That’s exactly what we shall explore in this article.

Why are professional plumbing services important?

Professional plumbers in Chatsworth are essential to solve problems like drainage issues or leaks. The benefit of employing a plumber instead of handling the leak ourselves is that a plumber has more experience than us. A plumber is a professional, he has seen it all from minor leaks to major drainage issues and this makes him better equipped to find the root cause of the problem and fix it. Plus, there’s the added benefit of leaks being fixed safely when hiring plumbers in chatsworth.

8 main types of plumbing services

The major plumbing services offered by plumbers in chatsworth are-

  • Repair of leakages

Leakages are the most common plumbing problem faced by us but they are often ignored. However, this is not a good idea as this is not only harmful to the environment (a lot of water is wasted) but also increases water bills. Research shows that fixing water leaks can reduce a household’s water bills by 10 percent!

Plumbers are usually skilled at fixing leaks and are able to identify the root cause of the issue to handle it expertly.

  • Repair of toilet

It is advisable to not try fixing an overflowing toilet alone. A plumber is skilled, knows the issues and uses high-tech equipment to clean clogged drains and pipes. Due to the high pressure of water generated by machines, the drains and pipes are cleared so no further problems arise.

  • Repair of water heater

Nobody likes a broken water heater, especially during the cold weather, but unfortunately we all experience it from time to time. Water heaters can be broken due to two reasons- plumbing issues or problems with the heater itself. The former problem can be easily solved by plumbers in chatsworth, while the latter can be handled by the manufacturer.

  • Repair of garbage disposal

Garbage disposals experience wear and tear overtime. You may need a plumber to fix nicks in the system to replace it with a new one. Some symptoms of broken garbage disposal are- grinding noises, bad stench, standing water and leaks.

  • Cleaning of drain

A clogged drain can be someone’s worst nightmare. It is best to call a plumber as soon as possible and get the drain cleared before the water starts overflowing.

  • Repair of angle stop

An angle stop is used to shut off water from toilets, sinks, tubs and more. Most homes do not have isolation valves to keep off water and rely on angle stops. Thus, any soldered angle stops must be immediately fixed by a plumber.


Plumbing issues may seem minor but can become major problems if left unsolved. It is advisable to choose a good plumbing company that has necessary licences and expertise. There are six main plumbing services which can be taken by us, either in isolation or as a group, depending on the leaks, clogging etc.