Your homeowner insurance can protect your personal property and home against loss or damage, caused by severe weather, fire and specific kinds of water damage.

And water damage caused by faulty plumbing is covered by your policy if, and only if, the damage or break was abrupt and did not accumulate over a long period of time. But, if the damage to your property was only caused by a backed-up sewage system, a gradual leak or rusty pipes, your home insurance claim might be rejected.

So, make sure that you always maintain your plumbing system and hire reliable plumbers like to prevent costly damages.

Covered Plumbing Damage

  • Dwelling Coverage

Covers the pipes, water heater and ceiling repairs as well as built-in appliances, structural damage, and plumbing.

  • Loss-Of-Use Coverage

Reimburses you for hotel, travel, and food expenses in case the damage requires you to be evacuated from your home for a long period of time.

  • Personal Property Coverage

This covers your stuff if the damage from the burst water causes damage to all your stuff.

  • Personal Liability Coverage

Reimburses you for accident causes damage to the property of your neighbor and you are held liable for repairs.

  • Other Structures Coverage

Covers your pipes, water heater, and ceiling repairs if the damage took place in your backyard workshop, guesthouse, or other detached building on your home property.

In addition, you can also expect to be reimbursed for the following accidents:

  • Pipes Burst Suddenly

If your plumbing bursts all of a sudden and can’t be directly associated to the lack of repairs or maintenance, then the plumbing as well as any residual damage can be covered.

  • Incorrectly Installed Or Repaired Plumbing

In case your plumber creates a faulty connection, incorrectly installed or repaired, and that results to water damage on your floor, soaking up everything, then you may be covered. The company can offer to fix the plumbing and the plumber plumbing insurance should also reimburse you if they are held liable.

  • Neighbor’s Plumbing Causes Damage

In case your neighbor’s pipes burst through into your home, damaging some part of your home or your personal stuff, then you can initially pay for the cleanup or your insurer can cut you a check in the meantime.

However, after the claim is processed and it is determined that your neighbor is liable, then your insurance company or their personality liability coverage may pay you for the damage.

Not Covered Plumbing Damage

  • Corroded, Rusty Or Worn Plumbing

If your plumbing shows clear signs of functional and cosmetic deterioration, then you will not be covered for any resulting burst or leaks.

  • Old Plumbing

For example, if your water heater is over 10 years old (average water heater life cycle), and your insurance provider determines that you were aware of its age and that you are capable of replacing it, but did not, then they will not reimburse you when it breaks.

  • Neglected Pipes

In case your plumbing pipes freeze and suddenly burst because you forgot to shut down your water supply or your home was freezing cold, then it will not be covered.

  • Damage By Nearby Sewer Or Your Sump Pump

Insurance providers usually refuse to cover property damage caused by overflow from sewage or plumbing considered to be a public utility.

In addition, if your basement sump pump also overflows, then it is also not covered in the standard policy and most of the time offered in additional coverage.

  • Polybutylene Plumbing

This style of piping was common in houses built in the 1970s – 1990s. In general, it is not covered if it breaks and causes damages since the piping is known to be high-risk and faulty.