Over time your plumbing system is likely to experience issues here and there, such as leaks, blockage, and corrosion. Although you can perform some plumbing fixes on your own, hiring a professional plumber is recommended to avoid costly mistakes.

Any minor mistake can wreck your entire plumbing system and result in costly repairs or replacements. That is why you should perform your due diligence when hiring a plumber to ensure they are qualified and experienced for the job. Check out the aspects to evaluate when hiring a plumber in Auckland.


The plumber you consider hiring should have a valid plumbing license. License holders are held to specific standards that ensure they are professional and adhere to the profession’s ethics when working with clients. Also, it guarantees that the plumber has undergone the proper training and achieved the qualifications and skills to practice as a plumber.

Liability insurance

Anything can go wrong during plumbing work, whether repairs or a new installation, which is where liability insurance comes in. You need an insured plumber, which means you won’t be liable for any damages on your property during the plumbing work.


A good name always speaks for itself. Whether working as an Auckland plumber group or solo, consider the plumber’s reputation before hiring them. But how can you know their reputation when you haven’t worked with them before? It is pretty easy to inspect previous customers’ reviews on their website and other review platforms. Also, a satisfied customer will always refer another client so you can look for recommendations from people close to you.

Communication skills

Communication is vital in every industry, so you should also evaluate the communication aspect of the plumber before working with them. A good plumber will listen to your questions and answer them with expertise, and you can engage them in a conversation to gauge their communication skills. Depending on how they answer your questions and explain more about your plumbing system, you can make an informed hiring choice.

Materials they use

Consider the materials the plumbers use to do their work. Some lousy plumbers use substandard materials without the knowledge of the clients so that they save more. Your plumbing system is critical, and the more substandard the materials used, the higher the likelihood of recurring damages. Therefore work with a plumber who prioritizes high-quality materials to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system.


Always hire an experienced plumber. That is not to say the freshers are not skilled, but the more experienced a plumber is, the more plumbing problems they have encountered so they can fix yours within no time. Experience matters a lot, especially when dealing with a complicated plumbing issue. You can gauge the plumber’s experience by looking at the years they have been in the industry- the more they are, the greater the experience.

The takeaway

Failure to perform your due diligence when hiring a plumber can cost you more. Therefore you should consider all the above aspects to make the right hiring choice.