Many of the plumbing problems can often be scary and sometime you may have to call any emergency service provider to fix your household plumbing.

You must be aware about all these problems as a homeowner and few of them can be resolved with your own DIY way too.

  1. Blocked drains

Blocked and clogged drains can be one of the worst nightmares of every homeowner. For simple cases, you can just clean the problematic areas. Also, try to investigate the reasons of the problem.

Though it must be dirty job to do, but if you ignore this issue then it can become a serious problem of your household.

  • Leaking pipes

Leaky pipe is another very common problem that every homeowner must have faced. Tightening the clamp can be a temporary solution and also you can seal the affected area of the pipe.

If the problem happens to be too serious like bursting of pipes then it will be better to take help of a professional plumber to fix the problem.

  • Toilet blocked

Often you may find that water does not flow away smoothly in your toilet, which can also get messy quite often.

This problem is due to blockage and depending upon the type of blockage, you must try to find various solutions. You must have necessary tools to clear the blockage of the toilet.

  • Dripping taps

Another common problem that you can find in almost every home is dripping taps. This is usually due to wearing out of washers, which need to be replaced time to time, so that water does not drip out from the taps.

You must have necessary tools available with you to replace washers after fixed time period.

  • Low water pressure

Often the reason of low water pressure can be due to supply water. There may be certain problem in the neighboring area or bursting of pipe in the neighborhood which can reduce the pressure of your water supply.

Sometimes, the problem can also be inside your home. Try to identify the actual problem area and take remedial action.

  • Running toilet

After flushing, if the water continues to flow into the toilet bowl, then you must lift the lid from the cistern to check what the problem is.

With lid off, try to flush your toilet to check the water level. If you find it below water line then inspect the water valve and turn it fully on.