Your home’s water heater is one of your most valuable plumbing appliances, which is why it can sometimes be a bummer when you need to replace your old water heater system and invest in a water heater installation project.

Water heaters simply aren’t meant to last forever, and if your water heater unit is over 15 years old, then it may be time to think about getting a new one. Below are some of the factors to keep in mind while you’re in the process of hiring a plumbing team in your local area for water heater installation.

It’s likely that your town or city is full of plumbing options, so follow these steps to make sure you’re teaming up with the right team for you and your household’s needs!

Try To Avoid Door-to-Door Salesmen

If someone actually knocks on your home’s door and offers to check out your water heating system, this is a major red flag. The odds are that they’ll tell you that your water heater is getting old and needs to be replaced, no matter what the actual condition of your unit is.

Door-to-door salesmen are simply shady and have no place in the plumbing industry, and there are always much better ways to get your water heater checked out by reputable specialists. So always, always, always avoid these types of sales tactics, but do always get maintain your system as needed!

The Plumbing Company’s Reputation

One thing that’s great about the Web is that you can find out all sorts of information about local businesses, particularly past experiences from other customers like yourself. Although certain online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt like the rest of the Internet, it’s possible to get valuable insights from people who’ve worked with a plumbing company that you’re interested in partnering with.

Ratings and customer reviews provide an objective understanding that you simply can’t find on a company’s website that makes them sound like the best people in the world, the Better Business Bureau is another website to check out as well. If they have any BBB complaints, that’s a red flag that the company should be avoided.

Industry Certifications

All plumbers and water heater specialists require an extensive amount of technical training and industry certifications in order to legally provide their services throughout your local area, but the big problem throughout the industry is that many plumbing teams will neglect to renew their certifications on time. The longer they go without these certifications, the less likely that they’ll be covered in terms of all sorts of liability issues.

This is why homeowners need to double-check a plumbing company’s industry certifications before allowing them to conduct a water heater installation.

Overall Experience

Another big factor to keep in mind for these hiring decisions is experience, which of course is a big factor for any home improvement hiring decision. Water heater installations are a lot more difficult and complex than most people would assume, and any mishaps during an installation process can be costly.

This is while you’ll want to work with an experienced technician, who provides warranty coverage and other liability insurance coverage.

Installation Price

Of course price is another big shopping factor for a lot of people in need of a water heater installation, and the truth is that certain plumbing companies will charge more than others.

What’s important to keep in mind regarding installation prices is that there will be particular differences for particular reasons. Some high-quality teams will charge more because they have more experience, or their equipment is more cutting-edge and requires longer installation processes.

So don’t just pick the cheapest option available, because that could come back to bite you based upon the all the above shopping factors!

Contact The Beehive Plumbing Experts To Learn More About Water Heater Installation Factors!

The above tips will always go a long way when you’re in the process of investing in a water heater installation project, and the best thing you can always do is speak directly with water heater experts when you have questions/concerns about what they may do differently than their competition.

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