Most people are used to doing most repairs by themselves, but when it comes to toilets and sinks, it would be better to get yourself a professional plumber to check on the leakage before it gets late. When leeks go undetected, they might lead to harm to the walls and floor. If your do it yourself (DIY) project backfires, it might be one of the reasons you might want to look for a plumber near you.

Reasons you should look for a plumber

You do not have any water in your house

 The most frustrating thing apart from waking up before you get enough sleep is waking up to no water at all. After asking around your neighbours if they have water in their apartments and have concluded that it is not a universal problem, the next thing you should do is call a plumber. Having no water might mean that something might have gone wrong in your pipes which might include frozen pipes, and major leaks, among others.

If not having water, include not having hot water,  which involves taking a long time to heat up or not heating. A plumber will be able to troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes hot water is not sustained by small tanks; therefore, it is important to get advice from a plumber on what tank size you might need. A good plumber will be able to tell why there are fluctuations in temperature while your water is heating.

There is sweat on your water heater

If you see as if your water heater is sweating, there is a slow but steady leak. When you go near the water heater, you realise that the floor is damp. Small leaks might result from cracks in pipes. More things to watch out for on water heaters may include rusty spots and corrosion on the water heater, and an unusual drip nearby. In case you notice any of the above signs, you should call your plumber and also check for a gas leak and other electrical problems. If you want to detect the leaks yourself, spray soapy water on the line and look for the bubbles in case there is a gas leak.

Low water pressure

Water not flowing forcefully is usually an indication that you should call a plumber to look for any faults in the internal workings of the pipes. A clogged aerator might be addressed by unscrewing or cleaning the sediment by soaking it with vinegar and scrubbing. The soaking and unclogging might only work for one sink not having enough pressure, but if you are looking at all your taps, then it might be a serious issue.


More signs might make you feel the need to call a plumber. In case you experience either of the above signs, then it would be advisable to search for an ‘emergency plumber near me‘ and results on a couple of plumbers will show up. The Internet has made it easy for one to get services just by a tap on one’s phone and which would help us to look out for reviews.