The year has been rather strange for interior design trends. Many predicted favourites and classic styles have been left behind as residents seek to reconcile their home’s design with a post-pandemic lifestyle. Garden spaces are a new priority, as are home offices, while minimalist aesthetics are slowly disappearing, exchanged, instead, for maximalist features that ensure homes have everything an occupant might need.

This has led to a significant upheaval within the interior design world as creatives begin scrutinising exactly what makes a beautiful home in a world that sees us spend even greater amounts of time within it, whether as part of teleworking or lockdown situations. Trends are already beginning to take hold and, to keep you updated with the most interesting home designs of 2021, we’ve put together a new list!

Go Bold

Terraza tiles, floral wallpapers, and floating ink designs. These are three examples of interesting designs that have quickly come to dominate the interior design world. All three, and other similar wall designs, have common features, such as colour, detail, and vibrancy, but, most importantly, they are all bold.

Whereas only a few years ago, sparsity and Marie Kondo inspired minimalism was at the forefront of wellness, now colour and expression are. White walls are becoming the exception, not the rule. So, if you’re thinking about decorating, it is best to begin with a confident statement of design.

Garden Buildings

Utilising a garden space for outdoor activities is a wonderful idea, especially at a time when residents are beginning to spend a greater amount of time indoors. However, despite this, or perhaps because of it, more people are purchasing log cabins for their gardens, outbuildings that allow them to create indoor spaces that blend with the outdoors.

For some, these outbuildings become spaces of relaxation nestled among the garden. For others, they are the ideal workspace, free from distraction and full of calming tranquillity. Regardless of the intention and utility, however, creating an indoor space outdoors is incredibly vogue.

Ecological Style

As the climate crisis continues to be a concern, a new generation of homeowners are turning their hands to ecological style and design. This manifests as upcycled paint, that which has been blended from leftover dregs, repurposed furniture so that nothing is thrown away, and a growing affection for designs of nature, such as floral prints, to be the centre of attention in every room.

Environmental motivations also extend to colours and furniture, which are increasingly likely to be earth-like and organic. Popular paint colours are green, brown, and blue, sitting alongside home furniture that is made from local and sustainably grown (or reclaimed) wood.

Flexi or Broken Plan Spaces

As residents seek to adapt spaces to multiple purposes, modular designs, also known as broken plan, are becoming ubiquitous. These spaces are easily spotted for their functional overlap and integration; offices that blend into the dining room, for example. Not only do they benefit smaller living spaces, but their flexible design also allows for a greater utility within the home.