When designing your kitchen, you must pay special attention to the lighting. In traditional kitchens, tube lights were always installed to light up the space. Although it could light up the space, this light for the kitchen was not very effective. This is why modern kitchen designs have different types of lights. While some help to light up the space properly, others help to set a beautiful appealing glow. If you want to properly illuminate your home, you should layer the kitchen interiors with different lights. Here is a guide that will help you to properly light up your kitchen.

01 of 03 General lighting

General lights for the kitchen provide the minimum amount of light required in your kitchen. Whether you have a small or a large space, they illuminate the entire kitchen. This is the type of lighting you will find in traditional kitchens. However, you will find only tube lights in traditional kitchens. There are many modern tube light alternatives available for modular kitchens. They will help to give the interiors a more sophisticated and elegant feel. However, always remember that general lighting is not sufficient to light up your home interiors.

How to use them?

  • Many modular kitchens feature a false ceiling. If you want to make use of general lighting effectively in your modular kitchen, install recessed light on the ceiling. Also, make sure that other objects are not close to the light.
  • If you do not have a false ceiling in your home, you can opt for wall-mounted lights. You will find many options other than tube lights for this purpose. To ensure that the light is disturbed in the kitchen evenly, install two sources of light on opposite sides.

02 of 03 Task lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is important to ensure that you can perform all the tasks in your kitchen properly. There are various activities happening in the kitchen. Some of them are quite risky and dangerous as well like chopping and cutting. To perform these tasks properly without hurting yourself, you will need to see clearly. This is why task lights are important. You should install these lights for the kitchen in places where you perform all the culinary tasks. This can include near the sink, stove, countertop, etc.

How to use them?

  • People mainly perform activities like cutting and chopping on the countertops. This is why under-cabinet lights are installed in the kitchen design idea. When installing them under the storage, make sure the wiring stays hidden and the switch is installed close to the light.
  • Create linear lighting above the countertops with an LED kitchen strip light. However, make sure that the LED light strip is not clearly visible.
  • If you have a low budget and cannot light up the entire space properly, focus on the important places only. They would ideally be the sink, countertops, and the stove.

Protip: If you want better lighting near the stove area, you can install task lights directly above it. You can easily find many modern chimneys that come with additional lighting so that you can clearly see the stove and food while cooking. This will also help you to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space.

03 of 03 Decorative hanging lights

Want to give the kitchen a very aesthetically appealing look? Opt for decorative hanging lights for the design of your kitchen. There are various types of lights you can choose for this purpose. A stunning chandelier or pendant light will look excellent in your kitchen. If you have a kitchen island, hang it directly above it. Besides elevating the view, these lights help to brighten up the design of your kitchen as well. Create a warm and functional design using these lights for the kitchen.

How to use them?

  • The position of your hanging light will hugely influence the overall look of your kitchen. Hang your chandelier or pendant light directly above your table or kitchen island to create a more unified and symmetrical kitchen design idea.
  • If you have a breakfast counter instead of a dining table or kitchen island, you can hang a pendant light above it.
  • If you are using hanging lights like pendant lights, do not just hang one. Instead hang a few together in one line to cover the length of the breakfast counter.
  • Do not make the mistake of hanging the pendant light or chandelier too low. There is a minimum distance that should be maintained from the counter to the pendant light. According to experts, the minimum distance should be 30 inches. If a light appears too low for the room, the overall appeal of the space will diminish.