A vanity acts as the cornerstone of any bathroom, complementing the space and decor whilst also grounding the room. There are many options available when it comes to choosing bathroom vanities, and the right one for you will depend on your specific storage needs, taste and budget.  This article will share some handy tips for selecting a vanity that will perfectly complement your bathroom.

 Choose Something That Adds to the Space

Choosing a vanity that clashes with the other designs and finishes in your bathroom will not only make the space feel instantly unwelcoming, but could make the space feel awkward or smaller than it really is. When looking for bathroom vanities, pay careful attention to ones that you think will add to the space and maybe even open it up a bit if possible.

It’s much better to pick a vanity that complements the fixtures and fittings you already have installed, rather than rearranging the entire space to suit this one piece. If you’re truly at a loss for what to go with, stick with simpler and more minimalist designs such as timber vanities or vanities with a matte finish. These two designs typically complement any space regardless of the decor or style of the room.

Be Mindful of How Much Room You Have

You’ll have more freedom here if you’re building a bathroom from scratch or renovating the whole bathroom, as you can configure the room to suit. However, if you’re looking at bathroom vanities for an established bathroom, you’ll need to be mindful of just how much room you have to spare.

One of the tricky things about space that often catches people off guard is that you’ll need to factor in extra room for the doors to swing open without hitting anything. You’ll also want to ensure that the vanity leaves enough space in the bathroom for you to move around comfortably and freely.

Consider Storage

For large families, bathroom vanities that offer ample storage will be a top priority. While a bathroom vanity should be stylish and complement the room, it also needs to be practical. The amount of storage you need will greatly influence and in some cases be the determining factor for which vanity you end up going with. Think about who will be using the bathroom, what items will be typically stored in there, and whether more storage would make the bathroom space easier to navigate and use overall.

Be Aware of Different Mounting Options

Floating bathroom vanities (also referred to as wall-hung vanities) are an easy way to create the illusion of there being more space in your bathroom than there actually is. These days, there are more options when it comes to bathroom vanities than there have ever been before, so you’re no longer relegated to the simple, traditional freestanding vanity.

There are also corner-mounted vanities that are great for opening up a space even more, as well as pedestal vanities that lend themselves well to minimalist bathrooms. Take time to browse through catalogues and visit showrooms so you can see all of the different types of vanities available. It’s likely you’ll find something to suit your needs perfectly.